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GSP launches First Filipino Mega e-Mall

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QUEZON CITY, Philippines – Go Shopping Philippines (GSP) introduces to consumers in a soft launch, July 31. Also known as the GSP Mall, Go Shopping Philippines is the first all Filipino mega e-commerce platform that encompasses everything you find in a physical mall, and more.

Although the soft launch will not cover all phases of the app yet because the Food Hall, Fresh Produce and Express Services will open in the following month – (August), the app can already be downloaded, and the general functionality of the entire system is set for smooth access to would be shoppers. Merchants cutting across various industry sectors have already become GSP’s partners, and more are eyeing to be part of this gargantuan venture.

Aside from the usual consumer goods such as apparels, fashion Accessories, jewelries, and the likes, GSP also provides access to the other aspects of the Mall from furniture and home furnishings to food beverage, fresh produce, and other supermarket products, as well as essential services such as medical, dental, and veterinary services, architectural and interior design, carpentry, and upholstery services, sewing and embroidery, etc. Then, a huge travel Booking facility is ushered in by the Mall, in partnership with mega travel apps and tourism boards and reputable travel agencies.

Even more exciting are the pioneering features of the  Go Shopping Philippines E-Commerce which include entertainment application systems such as  GFlix which is GSP’s  movie on demand much like Netflix;   CineFlex  which is GSP’s  virtual  theater and movie house which will  play “now showing” blockbusters and other movies as well as theater performances; and also,  GoLive   which is its live streaming feature  showing all sorts of events such as  meetings, conferences, exhibitions etc. on real time.  Besides these, GSP has its own television channel called GoTV which will air a variety of TV programs on a 24/7 basis. 

Despite the surge of online stores in the marketplace due to the pandemic, Go Shopping Philippines (GSP) founder and CEO, Neil Garcia La-as, is confident there is a place in the virtual space for a huge E-commerce platform. “The competition excites me personally because despite all the odds, despite all the existing players in the e-commerce industry, I still see the need for a much bigger platform that is responsive to the interest of the market for a more sophisticated digital lifestyle. 

Born of the desire to alleviate the woes of online consumers, Mr. La-as further states: “existing online E-Commerce sites lack the understanding of the very essence of why people go for online shopping; and that is convenience and protection. We do not have the true ease of use and trust for online shops in the marketplace yet… With Go Shopping Philippines, that is the heart of why we exist. We will make it easy for you and we will protect you.”

La-as’ determination to pursue his dream of building a digital mall emanated from his frustrations in his personal experience with the existing online shopping platforms. He, oftentimes asked himself, when will people buying online be rest assured that they get their money’s worth– that they would not feel deceived as soon as they receive the product they paid for? He did not have to depend on the many tell tales he hears about how deceiving many online sellers are, about how many times

people felt duped into buying what looked interesting and useful products as show cased online, only to receive a miniature of what was shown, or an imitation of the product brand displayed online. He himself, was a victim of these unscrupulous sellers.

The fallacy and the consequential disappointment in buying online is what prompted Go Shopping Philippines to rise aiming to become a “force for good”. Its main advocacy is to ensure that products sold in Go Shopping Philippines are genuine and true to its promise of authenticity according to the descriptions and branding displayed on site. In Go Shopping Philippines, we scrutinize brands and the legitimacy of their products so you are protected from fake items,” La-as expressed, “You can shop in Mindanao, Manila, the US, Europe, the Middle East, and back to Mindanao and obtain exactly the product you have paid for”.

Go Shopping Philippines is also being true to its Filipino identity. The Company’s goals include establishing cooperation with government agencies, local government units, and NGOs to promote the culture and beauty of the Philippines and its people. According to GSP’s Brand Manager, Dan B. Sola, GSP always considers the past, present and future cultural milieu of our land and our people. We are linking up with government bodies and NGOs to establish cooperation in helping MSMEs promote quality original local products, elevating these to cater to both the local and global markets. In our brand identity standards, Go Shopping Philippines highlights the beauty of our country not only in our amazing natural resources but also in the beauty of our cultural diversities as a people.  Here, not only are we able to target relatability of our content, but also enable us to address areas for the country’s growth which we can embody in our marketing efforts” Sola said.

“Once completed later this year, consumers will have the cities, the countryside and the islands at their fingertips, and they can simply roam around and find what they are looking for”, Sola adds… In the meantime, GSP encourages shoppers to be ready to disrupt their buying habits, and celebrate the Filipino digital lifestyle come July 16, 2021.|-BNN

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