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Shell Tabangao Refinery and BFP: Allies for a fire-safe Batangas

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IN line with the celebration of Fire Prevention Month this March, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) joined hands with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) to intensify their commitment in promoting a strong fire safety culture in the company and community of Batangas.

Synergy is not new to Shell and its businesses. The Shell Tabangao Refinery is into oil refining, and achieving operational excellence which is a fruit of concerted efforts among workers, contracted service providers, suppliers, and even government and non-government organizations.

Safety is at the heart of Shell operations. The company believes that sharing knowledge, best practices, and experiences are some of the most essential ways to ensure that the refinery will continuously operate in a safe and reliable manner.
Given this, it was only natural for Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) to see the BFP as a key partner in its safety journey.

BFP personnel with Shell Tabangao Refinery Emergency Response Team after a rigorous training.

BFP is well-known for having a strong vision of ensuring a fire-safe community, implementing campaigns, and providing modern services for fire prevention.
Shell and BFP thus forged a strong linkage as both organizations have a mutual aim of not just promoting fire safety but establishing safety principles as well.
Driven bythe same advocacy, Shell Tabangao Refinery strives to create a safe environment for its workers.

With the solid partnership between the two organizations,a series of free specialized course trainings like safety trainings, programs and fire drills are being conducted.

Also, safety programs were developed focusing on the areas of competency development and capability building of local firefighters, which include hydrocarbon firefighting, and confined space and high angle rope rescue.

We have always looked at BFP as an integral part of our emergency response capability. We recognize their valuable role and capability to extend help and expertise in case an emergency situation occurs,” said HSE Adviser and former ERT Team Lead Red Salonga.

Aside from firefighting, PSPC shares its Incident Command System (ICS) training to gear up BFP in responding to any emergency situation.

A standardized operational system, ICS training aims to provide an incident management structure for conducting emergency operations,as well as the flexibility needed to rapidly activate and establish an organizational structure and plans needed to address any emergency incidents.

Apart from forging smarter mobility partnerships which promote smarter use of energy leading to saving fuel & money, PSPC actively collaborates with organizations and institutions like BFP to ensure that its operations adhere to excellent standards in order to maintain operational efficiency as well as safeguard the communities around its business.

During the celebration of Fire Prevention Month, Shell Tabangao Refinery engages with BFP by helping cascade the safety theme on site through General Toolbox meetings, and inviting them as participants or as observers during refinery drills and exercises for familiarization with the site emergency response procedures.

(From left) External Relations Manager Dar Guamos, (second from right) City Fire Marshall of Batangas CitySenior Inspector Glen Salazar and Community Liaisons Officer Edwin Reyes receive the awards during BFP’s 26th Anniversary. |

Invaluable Partnership

Last August 2017, PSPC received a special citation from BFP during its 26th anniversary celebration. More than delivering smarter products for clean and efficient transport, the company strives to make significant contributions to the communities where it operates.

The company was honored with a Non-Government Organization Award and a Private Individual Award for its HSE Adviser Red Salonga.

These are in recognition of their remarkable accomplishments and noteworthy contributions to BFP in its pursuit of giving quality public service.

“It’s nice to see that we are on the same page when it comes to safety. It’s essential that we share this knowledge as we achieve refinery process excellence and continuously aim to operate without any fire incidents despite the difficult conditions in which we operate,”said External Relations Manager Dar Guamos.

“We recognize and appreciate PSPC’s unrelenting support to Batangas City Fire Station. We will always work together for us to meet our initial aim of ensuring a fire-safe community,” shared City Fire Marshall of Batangas City Senior Inspector Glen Salazar. |#BALIKAS_News

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