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‘Bawal na ang sabit’

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BATANGAS City – SEGURIDAD at kaayusan. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit ipinagbabawal na ang pagsabit o pagbitin sa anumang sasakyang pampubliko na nagbibiyahe saan man sa lalawigan ng Batangas.

Batay sa probisyon ng Article XV, Section 48, “walang sinumang indibidwal ang papayagang bumitin o sumakay sa likuran ng anumang sasakyan. Sakop din ng prohibisyong ito ang pag-angkas bisekleta, roller skate o anumang mabilis na tumakbong sasakyan; at bawal rin sa may-ari o drayber ng mga nasabing sasakyan na payagang may umangkas, bumitin o sumabit sa kaniyang sasakyan.”

SECTION 48.HITCHING TO A VEHICLE.No person shall be allowed to hand or ride on, the outside rear of any vehicle. The prohibition shall also cover person on bicycle, roller skate or other similar device who shall hold fast to or hitch on to any moving vehicle, including drivers who shall knowingly permit any person to hang on, to ride on, the outside or rear end of his vehicle or allow any person on a bicycle, roller skate or other similar device to hold fast or hitch to his vehicle.”

Eto naman ang mga kaparusahan sa bawat paglabag:


  1. a) Unless otherwise stated, for violation of any of the provisions there is hereby imposed a penalty as follows:

First Offense – Five Hundred Pesos (P 500.00)

Second Offense – Seven Hundred Fifty Pesos (P 750.00)

Third Offense – One Thousand Pesos ( P 1,000.00)

b)Unless otherwise stated, there is hereby imposed a penalty of fine of Five Hundred pesos (P500.00) and confiscation of the prohibited devices attached to the motor vehicle at the expense of the owner.

If the violation is committed by any juridical entity, the President, General Manager, or any person entrusted with the administration thereof at the time of the commission of the offense shall be held responsible or liable thereof.”

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