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Batangas Grand Terminal Flyover to solve diversion road traffic woes

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MOTORISTS and commuters plying the Balagtas-Bolbok Diversion Road in Batangas City who are always caught in heavy traffic especially during rush hours may find solace in the near future as the Depart-ment of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is planning to put up a flyover fronting the Batangas City Grand Terminal.

In the recent budget consul-tation with civil society organiza-tions held at Lipa City, Assistant District Engineer Mel Harvey A. Gonzales (representing District Engineer Sonia Paglicauan of Batangas 2nd District Engineering Office) presented that “as part of the preliminary step for the project deve-lopment cycle in the Pipeline Road Transport Program, the Feasibility Study of the Proposed Batangas Grand Terminal Flyover is being instituted to determine the proposed project’s technical and financial viability.”

“Upon completion, the Batangas Grand Terminal Flyover will lower the time and transport cost needed for individuals, passengers, businesses, and freight movement specifically those road users that will be utilizing the Batangas Port and Batangas Grand Terminal,” the official continued.

The whole stretch of the diversion road is undergoing widening and line canal improvement, but the widening itself would not suffice the need for increasing volume of vehicles plying the said route.

Moreso, vehicles entering into (and exiting from) the grand terminal is building-up traffic every now and then, thus either causing delay to the delivery of goods and services or hampering those which are rushing to catch up trips at the Batangas Port area.

“This improvement in the road network is expected to attract more individuals to utilize the two terminals located in the province, further boosting its income generation. The project is also expected to contribute to the development of Batangas City in the transport sector and other business sectors,” the DPWH-Batangas said.

The flyover is among the high impact projects being proposed by the 2nd District Engineering Office and to be implemented by the DPWH-Regional Office in 2024 with a sum of P300-million proposed budget.| – BNN

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