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The real ‘5 Breakups and a Romance’ – Part 2

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Part 2 in a Series

WHILE Mark and Kris were miles away from each other, Mark maintained their communications. The heavens sided with him… and she gave in again… 

And the roller coaster ride of the couple continued… only after several months, she called the shot again.

This, after Kris noticed that two pictures of Mark with Philip Salvador were circulating in the social media.

Aquino posted on October 2 that she’s “not in a relationship” with anyone. This is in response to the Batangas vice governor’s now-deleted “thank you” comment on the former’s earlier post.

“‘Even the nicest, kindest people have their limits’—I refrained from calling you by name and I tried my best to stick to the facts. You know what you’ve done over and over again… You are so aware of what my sisters and I are going through but heck, anything to gain attention,” Kris  said, as per screenshots that have been re-uploaded on social media.

“From the very start I asked you for privacy yet even that you felt impossible to give. I hated being the last to know. Then now, it’s take 2 with kuya’s dad,” she added, without naming Philip.

Aquino was apparently referring to the two separate instances when Leviste shared photos of him and Salvador on social media. 

The first photo, posted via Instagram Stories in August, was when Leviste and Salvador met during an event for the Batangas Provincial Hospital, while the second photo was taken during the 50th anniversary of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) in September. 

Actually, the first time that Leviste posted in social media a photo of him and Salvador was when they both attended an event in the City of Calaca last May.

Leviste appeared to have taken down the second photos from his Instagram page.

But then and again, when it rains, it pour. Leviste knows the ‘rule of the game of the hearts. Not a single month have to pass. And he wins her heart again.| – To be continued –

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