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The al-Ahli Hospital Bombing, Genocide and Nuclear Apocalypse

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THE world was shocked by the brutal October 7, 2023 attack of Hamas on Israelis just outside Gaza and the swift counter-slaughter of Hamas terrorists and Palestinian citizens. Since then, non-stop claims and counterclaims have been hurled from both the Hamas side and the Israeli side. Shortly thereafter, truth also became a casualty of the conflict as disinformation from both sides veiled the real situation from the concerned public.

Before continuing with this article, I want to state very clearly that I am not taking any sides in this conflict. During several peace missions to Israel in the past, I have friends from both the Palestinian and Israeli sides. I also have no ideological biases. I have Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and other friends from other religious persuasions. In addition, I have agnostic, atheist, gay, lesbian friends, and peaceful communist friends. On an individual level, I respect people’s identities and have no problems socializing with any ethnic, national, ideological, or religious group.

But I do have principles. First, I am totally against the brutal slaughter and senseless killings of innocent children, mothers, sick people, and other innocent citizens and victims in the conflict. No matter what parties are involved, I am totally against genocide and crimes against humanity. That is my first non-negotiable principle despite the alarming escalation of bitter debates among friends and allies who are starting to drift apart from each other very fast.

Second, I pursue and stand for truth wherever that exploration may lead. I want the real facts to surface, and nothing but the facts. Only in this way, can one fully assess what’s going on in this conflict in the Middle East. It will then help us answer the question of whether we are now all closer to the brink of World War III. Or worse, the truth in this conflict will help determine whether we are indeed moving closer to nuclear war or not.

Since we are all bombarded on a daily basis with hundreds of stories, with different perspectives, from diverse outlets, we are most likely familiar with the key issues in the conflict. For now, I will not go into the history of the creation of the State of Israel, the massacre of Palestinians in 1948 by their Israeli neighbors, the creation of Hamas by Mossad[1] (the CIA of Israel), the legitimate aspects of Israel’s concerns about their land and vulnerability and so on.

Instead, I will focus on one key dispute that is already transforming this conflict into a full-scale war between Arabic nations and Israel and its Western backers. I refer to the bombing of the al-Ahli hospital that killed hundreds.

As expected, both sides immediately blamed each other for the needless deaths of innocent children, mothers, elderly, and other people who were in or near the hospital. Israel claimed that it was an erratic rocket launch by Hamas that destroyed the hospital. On the other hand, Hamas claimed that it was the Israeli military that destroyed the hospital.

After reading and listening to all kinds of perspectives on this issue, this is my own conclusion on the matter. If, someday, new facts arise that contradict the facts that I am bringing out, then I will immediately own up to them and apologize for my mistake.

I have come to the conclusion that I still cannot make up my mind as to who the real perpetrators of the genocidal bombing of al-Ahli Hospital and the hundreds of people who were there. I can only come to a final conclusion if I spend inordinate amounts of time, which I currently do not have, to disentangle the massive disinformation around this issue. Therefore, I will just present you with some of the key arguments on both sides of the debate and leave it to your judgment as to where the truth is.

The most forceful voice on the side arguing that Israel bombed the hospital is Mike Adams. He is the founder and owner of Natural News and Brighteon TV. He is one of the most censored individuals in the world today, not because he is spreading fake news but because he has been dismantling information on all kinds of topics, including the Covid pandemic.[2]

Adams has support coming directly or indirectly from intelligence experts and a global authority on international law on his side. These include Major Jeffrey Prather, retired special operations office and ex-DEA Special Agent[3] , and, through the latter, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who was the 24th National Security Adviser of the US.[4] In addition, Dr. Francis Boyle agreed that Adam’s analysis is spot on.[5] Boyle is a leading American expert in international law. He was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989,

Mike Adams advances the position that an Israeli burst bomb was responsible for the damage to the hospital and the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians. A burst bomb is one that is released by a fighter jet and then explodes in the air to do maximum damage. It was not a misfired jihadist rocket that was the cause.

In his analysis, Adams points to the tell-tale signs of damage from a burst bomb. Cars remained in their parking place and had concave shapes on top, the typical signature of a burst bomb. Normal bombs or missile strikes would damage cars on the sides and push cars away from their original locations.

The innocent civilians were sleeping in the parking area and courtyard outside the hospital and were instantly killed by the bomb. Furthermore, according to the UN, Israel had already bombed 51 hospitals since the day of the conflict on October 7. So, why, all of a sudden will Hamas destroy the hospital of their own Palestinian supporters and kill their own people?

Readers can check Adam’s article and the supporting video footage of the bombing here.

The interview with Major Jeffrey Prather is important because it gives conclusive evidence that the Israeli government and military stood down during the October 7 attack of Hamas on Israeli citizens. Israel’s intelligence is one of the best, if not the best, in the world. Redundant sensors abound in the boundaries between Israel and Hamas. Military drills by Israel continue to take place in these areas. Therefore, Netanyahu’s government clearly wanted to have an excuse to mobilize for an all-out war against Hamas and the Palestinians.

I will not go into the strategic reasons why Israel and its US and Western supporters want this war. Instead, I would encourage you to listen to the videos cited above to find out why.

Further, independent support for Adam’s conclusion comes from the analysis of video footage done by researchers including from the news organization, Al Jazeera. They looked at the time stamp of the video footage and it was clear, according to their data, that Israeli defense shot down the jihadi rockets and drop the burst bomb on the hospital ground.

On the other hand, the mainstream position that Hamas bombed their own hospital comes from AP, the Associated Press. AP mobilized its own intelligence and digital information experts to analyze video and satellite footage. Here is the detailed defense of AP in favor of the position that Israel is not guilty of the bombing but instead it was an errant Hamas rocket attack that did the damage.

In our age of deep fakes, it is difficult to say whether the truth lies with Adams/Al Jazeera or with AP, both of which represent the strongest but opposing analysis of the hospital bombing. I am sure if you have the hours of time to spend on this issue, you will be able to come to your own conclusion. I am sure that I can come to an accurate conclusion if I spend hours double-checking everything. But, at this time, I do not have the luxury of time to do this.

Personally, I am leaning in favor of the Adams analysis. Why? AP has been such a source of disinformation during the Covid scamdemic years that, institutionally, they have become an echo chamber for the disinformation warfare of the deep state and the global cabal. The only reason why I am openly considering their position is that they have made an interesting technical defense of their position. If their position is disinformation, it is difficult to determine if this is the case unless one systematically double-checks all their references and data.

On the other hand, Mike Adams has been such a voice for authentic truth in the Covid scamdemic years that he has been heavily censored, a tell-tale sign in the fraudulent “New Normal” that one is telling the truth when one gets irrationally and heavily censored.

Meanwhile, the Arabs and Muslims did not wait for these detailed analyses of video footage to react to the bombing of the al-Ahli hospital. Increasingly the Arabic and Muslim countries are preparing for Jihad worldwide. Meanwhile, Israel continues its daily bombings of Gaza and has expanded its battle fronts to include the West Bank, parts of Lebanon, and even Syria.[6]

Furthermore, it seems that Israel does not mind that, attacking Palestinian settlements in Northern Israel, would trigger the involvement of Hezbollah in the war. This is no small matter because Hezbollah is more like a standing army, unlike Hamas. Furthermore, Hezbollah has defeated Israel in a previous conflict.[7]

Worst, the involvement of Hezbollah would trigger the involvement of Iran whose military is more powerful than both Hezbollah and Israel. The latter may threaten the use of nuclear weapons but that would be a fatal mistake. Iran also has nuclear weapons and thousands of sophisticated rockets. Iran can defeat Israel any day in terms of conventional warfare.

The involvement of Iran would trigger the involvement of Russia. And with that, you know how the entire thing will unfold. It will be a general all-out war between Israel, the US, and the West versus the Arab countries, Palestine, Iran, Russia, and China. When that happens, it is almost 99% sure that the world will be destroyed in a nuclear holocaust.

Despite the uncertainty of the truth about the hospital bombing, I am writing this article for two urgent reasons. First, no matter what the final truth on the hospital issue, it is urgent that both sides have to stop genocidal attacks on civilian populations. These are war crimes. Equally important, the world is on the brink of World War III if the Hamas-Israel conflict unfolds the way it has been doing so since October 7. Only principled peace negotiations will stop humanity from hurling itself full throttle in the throat of a nuclear apocalypse.| Nicanor Perlas/CovidCallToHUmanity

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